The e-MAP project is an online e-learning module application for Panchakarma specialty of Ayurveda. The Web portal offers learning modules which includes lesson plans, audio files of sloka recitation, Illustrative animations, and self-assessment aids on undergraduate and postgraduate Panchakarma syllabus. It also Includes standardized Illustrative videos of various panchakarma procedures clinically practiced. The portal also serves as a one-stop reference for all information related to the Panchakarma like faculties, postgraduates, publications, dissertations, colleges offering Panchakarma PG, and Panchakarma equipment suppliers.

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Our Team

Our Panel of Experts

e-MAP is headed by Dr. K Parameswaran Namboothiri, Principal Investigator along with a team of Co-Investigators and Senior Research Fellows. Our contributors include Expert Teaching Panel, Review Panel selected from various reputed institutions within the country. Our technical support team includes  web designers from AmritaCREATE and professional kinetographers for the multimedia support.