About Us

In this burgeoning world, Panchakarma as an Ayurvedic treatment is getting popularized day by day. Even though the teaching, studying and practice of Panchakarma are based on ancient texts of Ayurveda, there are many drawbacks to the current condition of instructing and learning. Also, regional differences exist in how Panchakarma is understood, applied, and practised throughout the nation. To bring uniformity and increase the quality of the current teaching and learning process, we must strengthen the domain of Panchakarma by employing information technology and audio-visual aids, along with a particular focus on skill development. As Panchakarma is completely practice-oriented, ensuring the skill development of teachers and students is imperative for its advancement.

The e-MAP project is an online e-learning module application for Panchakarma specialty of Ayurveda. The Web portal offers learning modules which includes lesson plans, audio files of sloka recitation, Illustrative animations, and self-assessment aids on undergraduate and postgraduate Panchakarma syllabus. It also Includes standardized Illustrative videos of various Panchakarma procedures clinically practiced. The portal also serves as a one-stop reference for all information related to the Panchakarma like faculties, post graduates, publications, dissertations, colleges offering Panchakarma PG, and Panchakarma equipment suppliers.

Scope of the Project

Cognizant of the lacunae in the current pedagogy and training methodology, this project focuses on the teaching, learning and practice of Panchakarma as an Ayurvedic treatment. This project has purview in the following areas:
  • Enhance the quality of instruction and knowledge acquisition
  • Improve skills of students as well as practitioners
  • Popularize and establish the practice of Standard Panchakarma care throughout the world
  • Expand the horizons of Panchakarma and its outreach through technological applications

Objectives of the Project

Keeping the above points in mind, we aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To prepare essential pedagogical aids for the various Panchakarma courses.
  • To prepare the necessary learning materials for the various Panchakarma courses.
  • To prepare the standard Audio Visual Aids for the purpose of teaching, learning and practising Panchakarma.
  • To prepare the teaching aids of other formats for tutoring and learning.
  • To prepare various directories related to Panchakarma.